Digital Graffiti Wall

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Digital Graffiti Wall ™ brings interaction and fun to events of various types by encouraging attendees to release their creative juices through the use of electronic spray paint.

No more swapping paint cans to change color or having to wear a face mask and gloves. Digital Graffiti Wall ™ makes artists out of audiences, and is completely nice to the environment.  Utilizing an  infrared light-bearing can, ‘digital paint’ appears wherever the artist wants it to.

DGW provides entertainment at medium or large sized gatherings of many types, but can also be used as a branding mechanism.  For instance, automobiles can be ‘painted’ by prospective car buyers.  It also supplies private events and high-traffic locales such as arenas and stadiums with an attraction that engages while it generates merchandising revenue.  Direct-to-Garment screening capability can be combined with DGW to create truly unique apparel and merchandise that participants can take with them and proudly display.  Resulting artwork can also be shared via Facebook or other social channels.

Clients such as Major League Baseball, Google, YouTube, Yahoo and National Football League have already used DGW to mesmerize audiences at conferences, tradeshows and fan events.