3D Hologram Projection & Interactive Display Systems

360BrandVision. We bring dimension to life.

 Exciting, entertaining and mesmerizing experiences are what we’ve produced for our clients in the past.  Creating deeper solutions and expanded devices that engage consumers and the masses with patented technology is what we’re doing today.  And tomorrow is shaping up to be more electrifying than ever!

So here’s to catching lightning in a bottle and bringing dimension to life…

360 Projection Screen

Holographic Pyramid

Beacon™ brings new life to product launches, demos and branding in general with stunning revolving video images that can be seen 360°.

BeaconVision hologram projection


Inspired by science fiction dreams of holographic projection, BeaconVision™ delivers astonishing stopping
power to events.

Custom Projection Screen


BeaconScreen™ Projection Screen allows you to present “free flowing” video entertainment contoured to the shape of your choice.

Digital Graffiti Wall

Digital Graffiti Wall

Digital Graffiti Wall is an interactive and inventive drawing tool for creating digital graffiti on a large screen using a modified
spray paint can.









3D Hologram Projection

Create impactful marketing utilizing hologram projection media. This unique technology engages the audience through visual “wow factor” allowing for more impressions and greater conversion rates.